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f you are looking for a robust and reliable Web Hosting Company In India reasonable price, then Linux hosting is the best solution. Being an open source platform, the hosting plan is a fully managed technology that is designed to improve your website performance, increasing server requirements, as well as supporting various databases as such MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, etc. Linux hosting are the first choice of most business needs. One of the best linux hosting server hosting providers is Inmotion web hosting India.

No doubt that there are plenty of options available for Best Web Hosting India needs. Irrespective of your area of interest, many hosting providers come up with multiple hosting packages bearing various costs. Multiple plans are done according to the amount of requirement and availability of investment. Of course beginners don’t need everything of hosting feature just yet. And a well established website needs more than the beginners. Therefore, the best thing to do is choose a custom dedicated server that will tailor the hosting service according to the requirements. In our opinion, Inmotion web host India offers the best tailored hosting service.

Shared hosting is the most voted option for beginners while for running a website with good amount of traffic, it requires more of a space, security, and other features that shared hosting don’t provide. A dedicated cheap web hosting India allow you to lease your own server whose resources won’t be shared with anyone else. Thus, eliminates the risk factors and provides better resources for running a heavy traffic website. If you require Dedicated Server Hosting India, we will recommend Bluehost India host as they provide a reliable service to India based customers.

Inmotion Hosting 
 Fast Hosts
 A2 Hosting 

What is Web Hosting India?

Web hosting is a service that provides all sorts of technology and support to make a website live on the internet. Without a web hosting service, no website may come to existence even if a domain name is registered. All the essential aspects of a website is stored and managed by hosting service.

An individual or organization can utilise a best web hosting service to make their website available on internet thus visitors can view the web contents. There various type of web hosting in India available out there. Some are specially tailored to meet a certain type of website requirements.

Apart from that, most of the hosting plans are marketed to feed the needs for websites of various size and shapes.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of India web hosting service that allows multiple websites to host on a single server with shared environment. It is mainly focused on inexpensive hosting service. In this type of hosting, every individual is supposed to share the hosting resources and benefits with others.

Shared hosting is ideal to start a new website or run a small business that receives comparatively less traffic volume. The service possesses some limitations on accessing features and resources, thus not recommended for a website with high traffic.

Difference between Shared Hosting and Business Hosting?

A shared hosting is the most affordable hosting service available out there, whereas business hosting forms a cPanel hosting that comes with Virtual Private Server benefits along with shared hosting advantages.

While shared hosting allows website owners too host their website on a shared environment, a business hosting comes with a dedicated IP address, E-commerce platform, high traffic management, etc.

While a VPS best hosting services India might need some knowledge of server administration, India hosting company does not need any such.

What is Bandwidth and How Much Do You Need?

A bandwidth is termed in several ways according to the concerned context. From a website hosting India perspective, at a certain time, the amount of incoming and outgoing web data transferable between a server, website, and the internet is called bandwidth. Incoming data includes emails, webpage requests, FTP requests, FTP downloads, etc. On the other hand, outgoing data are loaded web pages, transferred files, and emails.

Bandwidth is generally measured in bits/secs. For example, if a Bandwidth is capable of transferring 60 MB data in a second, it’s measured as 60 Mbps bandwidth.

Required bandwidth for a certain website depends on the size of web contents as well as amount of traffic activity on that site at the same time. To get a slight glance on this context, for a small business site or a personal blog with less traffic volume, minimum 3 GB bandwidth is preferable. For a high traffic websites, 200 GB of Bandwidth is recommended widely.

What is Disk Space and How Much Do I Need?

The total amount of web data that can be stored for a particular website on its hosting server is called disk space. Needless to mention, the required amount of disk space completely depends on the overall size of the website. Image, Video, and Flash contents are larger in size and website containing more of these kind of data needs more of disk space.

While most of the web hosting provider India offers lucrative unlimited disk space, this is not an actual term though. For a startup website, 10 GB of disk space is enough. A website size tends to increase over the time with new contents uploaded. Required disk space also increases accordingly. For an image heavy site, 250 – 350 GB disk space may hold contents significantly.

How Will I Know How Many People Visited My Site?

Monitoring the growth or decline of an online business is vital in order to compete and success. Knowing how many people have visited your website gives a clear idea of your growth/decline state. The number of traffic on your website can be monitored easily. Here is how to do it.

  • First of all, setup a web analytics on your site. Google Analytics is the most used tracking program today.
  • Visit Google Analytics page at
  • Click to sign in located at top right corner of the page.
  • From the Home Tab, select your website whose traffic you wish to check.
  • You will land on Audience Overview Page of your site. Here you can click on Real-Time option that will show your current traffic activities.

How Do I Obtain a Dedicated Email Account?

Many web hosting providers India offers dedicated email account with a certain web hosting plan. The provided email accounts can be limited or unlimited according to the selected hosting plan. These email accounts are can be managed and tailored according to business needs from your hosting control panel.

A dedicated email account is truly beneficial in branding your business, growth, and lead more customer. Professional email accounts differ from personal ones. And, when you are dealing a business, professional email accounts sounds more trustworthy and attractive.

If you already have a hosting account, you might also have provided some dedicated email accounts by your web hosting companies in India. If you haven’t receive any, add-on some email account from your best hosting provider India.

Now, decide an email account name that should represent your business. For example Now follow the below steps.

  • Go to your cPanel account.
  • Go to Mail section and click on Email Accounts.
  • Enter your desired email name and a password as you like.
  • Hit “Create Account” option.

What is SSLA Security?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. The SSL is an online security technology design to build an encrypted connection between a browser and web server. This security layer is used to make sensitive data unreadable while being transferred over the internet. Login credentials, financial data, etc are kept encrypted over the server so that these can be read only from the provider and receiver’s end. Besides all the sensitive data are kept secured, your website contents are also protected from hackers and online unwanted intruders.

Is My Website Protected from Hackers With Good Web Hosting Provider In India?

Technology is evolving over the time, for good. Unfortunately, issues of online hacking are also increasing rapidly. Hacking attempts are done for many purposes as such turn your site down, vandalise your site, steal important data, mining Bitcoins using your server, to distribute illegal files through your server, to distribute webmail spam, and more. Thus, keeping your website safe and protected from hacking activity is vital today.

To endure if you website is protected from hackers or malware, check the below points.

  • Keep all the software you use for running a site regularly up to date.
  • Switch to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure for your site. Using TLS or SSL on your website will do the best.
  • Use a strong password for your all sort of online login credentials and try changing it frequently.
  • Build a security guard around your website. Buy a cloud based web firewall application for your website to keep the hackers away.

How Do I Backup My Site?

Your website contents should be backed up, for many reasons. In case your site hacked and contents are infected, you can turn back the time to restore the old backups as anew. Maybe you are trying to migrate your site to another best web hosting service, during this process you may lose one or other important contents. There are times you will need to modify your website for a betterment, during this process some vital contents are also tends to be reforming which is not turned out to be good all the time.

Therefore, keeping a backup of all your contents is vital. You never know when you might need to restore the contents. After all, it’s peace of mind when you have kept your precious contents safe and sound. So, how do you backup your site?

Your India hosting provider may offer you free backup feature. If there are any limitations, make sure to upgrade for unlimited backup service. You can use a WordPress Plugin like Updraft Plus for backing up your WordPress site. Backup Buddy another reliable plugin you can utilize. Backing up website manually to cloud storage is also a great option. You may use a FTP client like FileZilla for this process.

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