Generic logos: how to spot and avoid them

What is a generic logo?

Source: Copied from GT Graphics under Creative Commons license. Original link can be found here.


Generic logos feature design elements that have been used so many times, they no longer feel like original creations. Some of these common, overused logos are easy to spot—think anything that looks like old Microsoft Clip Art. But others are less obvious to the untrained eye. Fear not! We’ve rounded up the most overused logo design concepts so you can learn how to avoid them.

In the world of creative communities a client launches their project (for logos, corporate identities, banners, websites, etc.) and designers respond with their proposals.

The client, here, has the chance to get amazing designs from creatives from all over the globe and therefore thecreatives have the possibility to point out his best works to any or all the community, making contacts with international clients.

But, in the jungle of logo design, there’s a tough trap: the spreading of the generic logos.
Most of the time the brand is therefore generic, the client isn’t even able to get a trademark for it.

With a generic brand (not creative, not tailored to a client’s needs) a company gives to the market an anonymous image of itself, devoid of any of the companies identity. because of their overused logotypes the company isn’tready to establish their whole within the marketplace. during this approach they’re going straight within thewrong way than to tell apart themselves from others (which is that the whole purpose of getting a logo).

There’s a bunch of designers WHO submit consistently and every which way low standard logotypes, usuallycreated without reading the client’s brief. they’re essentially phishing for wins.
All too frequently it happens that these designers and generic logos win contests.

Maybe the customers choose these logos as a result of they feel familiar. What they don’t know is that the web is choked with similar, clone logos. we are able to simply say that they’re progressing to be cheated.

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Source: Copied from GT Graphics under Creative Commons license. Original link can be found here.


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